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Jewellery Welding System  
From SLT Ltd., you get state of art technological laser systems designed by our own engineers and CAD draughtsman and specially tailored to your needs. This is why from SLT Ltd. you get comprehensive laser competency from A to Z.
The SLT Ltd. LWI Chambertype unifies intuitive operation, excellent design and ergonomics in fascinating way. Convince yourself.
The innovative SLT Ltd. LWI Chambertype offers flexible solutions in individual applications. Customer specific modifications are made easily, at any time, from spot diameter and focus length to pulse modulation and handling systems.
The SLT Ltd. Chambertype stands for the highest performance and functionality at an unbeatable and really exceptional cost-performance ratio. Because quality must be affordable.
CorianTM Top:
CorianTM is a trademark of Dupont. The smooth, high-quality nonporous surface is ideally suited to shop floor and laboratory environment. Visually pleasing, water proof and easy to clean.
Multifunction Pedal**
In addition to high pulse trigger, all important parameters can be changed at any time with the help of the practical multifunction pedal - without having to take your hands off the workpiece.
Innovation: High Power LED cold light illumination
Another highlight in the Chambertype is high-power white light LED illumination. The advantage: No heat radiation by converting electrical energy into a focused white cone of light. With this generation of machines hot chambers and the clammy hands associated with them are a part of past. The white light offers highest colour fidelity when looking through microscope. And it has an especially long service life of over 10,000 hrs.
High Power “on axis” lighting**
The “on axis” lighting developed by our engineers enables visual inspection even in deep gaps or holes that would lie otherwise in the shadow in lateral lighting. It is added in parallel to the optical course of the beam and thus always illuminates the objects exactly from above.
Large Display with Backlighting
Clear presentation of all adjustable parameters in user view. Adjustment limits are visualized.
“on axis” inert gas supply:
A safe “on axis” inert gas supply makes it possible to weld even highly sensitive materials such as titanium. The welding mark is always inundated with inert gas at 90 degrees by the “on axis” gas supply. The guarantees that no shadow effects arise as in lateral gas supply.
Beam tuner - the market novelty**
The innovative beam tuner technology guarantees stable power output, even at very low pulse energy. Beneficial especially when welding very small parts. Depending on application, spot size can be reduced to less than 50 µm.
Integrated extractor**
If the laboratory’s own exhaust system can’t or won’t be used, there is an option for retrofitting the LWI chambertype with an integrated extractor. An important component in the plug & play philosophy of SLT Ltd.’s Laser generation.
** optionally available at additional charges.
Beam Source Nd : YAG
Pump Source Flash Lamp
Wavelength 1064 nm
Max. Pulse power 70 Joules 
Max. Medium output 60 W
Max. Pulse output 15 KW
Pulse Length 0.5 to 20 ms
Pulse Frequency Single Pulse upto 20 Hz
Pulse Fill Mode 10 - 100 %
PWM 1 - 100 %
Focal Length Standard 120 mm (Others on request)
Spot Diameter* 200 µm to 2 mm (motor adjustable)
Flash Lamp Voltage 160 to 500 Volts
Cooling Integrated air / water heat exchangers
Inert gas connections Dual, along the beam axis and switched on via flexible inlet.

All features of this system are microprocessor-controlled and it is equipped with an automatic self-diagnostic system.
All systems have CAN and RS 234 interfaces.

Monitoring Optics Leica stereo microscope with 15 x zoom
Dimensions and weight
Outer dimensions 620 mm W * 1060 mm D * 1140 mm H
Total Weight Approximately 70 kg.
Electrical connection 1-Ø, 230 V AC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Laser Protection Class
In closed chamber operation CLASS-1 certified eye-safe for people standing outside unit.
In open chamber operation: CLASS-4
Included with delivery
Ready for welding, as described above, operating Instructions with welding information.
Our products undergo continuous improvements. This information is based on current
knowledge.We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. Errors excepted.
* The spot size is directly related to the focal length of the lens used. The adjustable range of the spot diameter lies in the 50 µm to 2.5 mm range, depending on the configuration of the system.
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