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Laser Cutting System  
Laser Power 1.5 kW 2 kW 3kW  
Power Consumption 12 kW 15 kW 20 kW
Working Area ( X Y Z ) 3030 x 1550 x 150 mm
Max Speed (X Y) 220 m/min
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
Repeatability ±0.020mm
Work Piece Weight 750 Kg
# All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Linear Motor Drive
The Linear Motor Drive with rigid gantry structure enables 3G acceleration and thus increases productivity by saving time and rendering precision finish.
Dynamic Edge Control
Synchronising laser power with the axis speed via dynamic edge control mechanism reduces burn and striation at the edges.
Auto sheet Orientation
Automatically senses the orientation of sheet and adjusts the programme so as to minimize operator errors.
Auto Cooling
Well maintained cooling of nozzle increases its life and efficiency of the system. This enables precision finish of complex profiles. It also helps in keeping the job at room temperature
Safety Interlocks
Incorporating safety mechanisms viz. Light curtain, Door Interlocks, Laser Safety Windows and others would result in higher (optimum) operator safety.
Siemens Controller – 840D SL
State of the art controller from Siemens integrated with FutureX brings you the entirely new experience in the machine operation and convenience.
Fly Cut
This feature ignites the laser light as per cutting profile during which the speed of axis remains same. The Operator could relatively reduce the working time and thus experiences a increasing trend in productivity.
Online Clearance Control
The laser head maintains a consistent gap with the material. If in case of varying material property, the laser head could be adjusted online during operation so as to get the proper cut quality.
Multiple cutting cycle
Its now easy to cut the required profile on multiple sheets. This feature facilitates easy cutting cycle by saving the time consumed in loading repetitive program.
Motorized Dual Pallet
Facilitates smooth flow of operation and increases the productivity during multiple sheet processing. The pallet’s operation takes place in less than 35 seconds.
Auto Nozzle Cleaning
Rotary Axis for Tube cutting
Scrap Removal Conveyor
Dynamic Motorized Lens Mechanism
Touch Screen HMI
Semi/ Auto Loading – Unloading
Hand-Held Unit
Laser Cutting System
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